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Meeting with the Minister of Education of Costa Rica

The tour of the Central American countries ended with a visit to the Minister of Education of Costa Rica together with Disfam Costa Rica. The Ministry's team was very willing to sign a collaboration agreement for the training of teachers and families in the country, as well as to establish protocols such as PRODISLEX for the early detection and intervention of Dyslexia. We are very happy to know that the meetings we had during the pandemic have borne fruit in many Ibero-American States. Many thanks to Gilda-Tita Aguilar Montoya for all your attention during the stay in the Country! #UnidosPorLaDyslexia

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Meeting with the Ministry of Education of El Salvador

The president of the OIDEA and the Delegate of Disfam in El Salvador, have met with Authorities of the Ministry of Education of the Country, with the aim of learning about the structure that cares for people with learning difficulties, and to be able to provide tools and training to Ministry officials.

In addition, special emphasis was placed on the training of future teachers in the Universities, as well as the incorporation of the Lecto program to the computers and tablets that are going to deliver to the students in this school year.

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Ilopango awarded for the best initiative of the International Dyslexia Day

Jose Chicas Mayor of this City of El Salvador, has been the first in the world to receive this Award

The city of Ilopango (El Salvador) has been recognized with the DISFAM Award this 2022 for having carried out the best initiative to raise awareness of dyslexia on October 8, 2021, on the occasion of the celebration of International Dyslexia Day.

The Mayor of Ilopango, Jose Chicas, together with the Salvadoran Sailing Federation (FESAVELA) recorded a video with the children of this club with the aim of making dyslexia visible, a learning disorder that affects between 10% and 15% of the population. world.

The Disfam Awards are a recognition to entities, organizations, administrations or people, who carry out their work for the benefit of people with learning difficulties that our organization has been awarding since 2008.

The president of FESAVELA and the Mayor of Ilopango have given the president of the OIDEA some details in gratitude for the organization's visit to El Salvador.

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Guatemala at the head of Central America in policies for students with dyslexia

During our work trip to Guatemala together with the Ministry of Education, we have analyzed two years of joint work during the pandemic and established the main lines for 2022 and 2023.

During the next two years, normalization workshops will be held in Guatemalan classrooms, training for teachers and professors, and a Congress on learning difficulties for all Central American countries.

We have had the opportunity to meet and train more than 190 coordinators from all over the country, and hold a meeting with families and professionals interested in collaborating with students with dyslexia and other DEAs.

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Quintana Roo (Mexico) will train all its teachers in learning disorders

Meeting with the SEQ – Secretary of Education of Quintana Roo, with the aim of training all teachers in the State and establishing protocols for Detection and Action in Dyslexia.

☑️ As of February we have signed the agreement to train teachers of all educational stages throughout the State

☑️ A normal one will also be regulated to use the Dyslexia Protocols (PRODISLEX)

Many thanks to Dr. Luz María Abuxapqui González and her team for all their predisposition.

Thank you for your welcome!

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The OIDEA organizes a General Assembly on Dyslexia at the United Nations

The International Organization for Dyslexia and Other Specific Learning Difficulties (OIDEA) has organized a meeting on Dyslexia on the occasion of the 2021 General Assembly, in which the Permanent Ambassadors to the United Nations from Spain and Costa Rica participated, as well as, the Director of Disability of the World Health Organization. The representatives of the OIDEA, Disfam and FEDIS, were able to expose the reality of the situation of our families and people with dyslexia first hand.

Disfam Zamora is presented

The new Association "Disfam Zamora" is already in operation, which was presented to the media of the province, at the headquarters of Caja Rural de Zamora.

The president of the OIDEA has attended the presentation of the new Association.

You can contact through the mail zamora@disfam.org the facebook www.facebook.com/disfamzamora or the web section www.disfam.org/zamora

OIDEA present at the World Dyslexia Forum held in Brazil

The President of the OIDEA, Iñaki Muñoz, travels to Belo Horizonte (Brazil) to attend the World Forum on Dyslexia to be held from August 17 to 20 at the Federal University of the State of Minas Gerais. In addition to attending different conferences on Learning Difficulties, he will participate in workshops where other countries are represented by their Ministries of Education, to talk about improvements to the problem.

From the OIDEA we would like to especially thank Iberia, which has allowed us to travel to Brazil at no cost to the Organization.

Their Majesties The Kings, receive the OIDEA in its reception to solidarity organizations

Their Majesties The King and Queen of Spain received a hundred Solidarity Entities this morning at the Palacio del Pardo. The President of the OIDEA, Iñaki Muñoz, attended the ceremony in which the story "Hugo Has Dyslexia" and a copy of the Prodislex Protocols were presented to HM Queen Letizia.

Likewise, the President of the OIDEA has taken advantage of the occasion to talk with the Minister of Health and Social Policy, Ana Mato.

We want to thank the Royal House for the support they have given us from the very beginning. In her day, the Princess of Asturias already received us at the Zarzuela Palace, and both King Juan Carlos I, Queen Sofia and the then Princes of Asturias, have presided over the Congresses that Disfam together with the OIDEA have organized

Intense work schedule on the trip to the Dominican Republic

These days, the Honorary President José Bono and the President of the OIDEA Iñaki Muñoz, have been in the Dominican Republic on the occasion of the invitation of the Government of the Nation, to explain the work of Disfam during the last 13 years to extrapolate it to the country. Caribbean.

From Disfam we want to thank the Government of the Dominican Republic for the invitation and magnificent welcome, Air Europa for the flights, Barceló Hotels for the stay in Santo Domingo, the Diversity Attention Center for the invitation to train its professionals in the Hermanas Mirabal province, to the Minister of Sports and former Vice President of the DR Jaime David Fernández for his personal involvement in the project, to Luis Abinader for his collaboration in holding the International Conference with the Lebanese Club, to the DISFAM DR team who coordinated all the activities and above all to Jose Bono, our Honorary President, from whom we stole several days of his vacation to help us with the trip.

Here you can see some of the images of the trip: