Pinto City Hall lights up in turquoise blue on International Dyslexia Day

On the occasion of the International Day of Dyslexia, which is celebrated on October 8, at the request of the Councilor for Education, the facade of the City Hall will be illuminated in turquoise blue.

The city thus joins the #UnidosPorLaDislexia campaign, to publicize all the actions that are going to be carried out in the coming days, among which, in addition to the turquoise blue lighting of numerous public and private buildings, the institutional declarations of some regional Parliaments and the extension of the initiative to various places and institutions in Ibero-America, such as the Congress of Argentina, the capital of Bolivia or the city of Medellín in Colombia.

Dyslexia is a Specific Learning Difficulty characterized by the presence of difficulties in accuracy and fluency in word recognition (written) and by a deficit in decoding (reading) and spelling skills.

The City Council of Pinto, through the Department of Education, joins this initiative by forming part of the “Inclusive City. Educating City”, together with 30 other municipalities of the national territory. Whose purpose is to facilitate and promote comprehensive training and citizen participation, promoting equal opportunities in our municipality.

From the Spanish Federation of Dyslexia, the website has been launched in which the program of activities, dissemination material of the International Day of Dyslexia, and the virtual map of all the Ibero-American places that light up are available. 

The Blue-Turquoise color: Three years ago, the General Assembly of the Spanish Dyslexia Federation chose turquoise blue as a representative since it is a color with positive connotations for people with dyslexia, since it promotes creativity, calm, serenity, tranquility and relaxation.