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Ilopango awarded for the best initiative of the International Dyslexia Day

Jose Chicas Mayor of this City of El Salvador, has been the first in the world to receive this Award

The city of Ilopango (El Salvador) has been recognized with the DISFAM Award this 2022 for having carried out the best initiative to raise awareness of dyslexia on October 8, 2021, on the occasion of the celebration of International Dyslexia Day.

The Mayor of Ilopango, Jose Chicas, together with the Salvadoran Sailing Federation (FESAVELA) recorded a video with the children of this club with the aim of making dyslexia visible, a learning disorder that affects between 10% and 15% of the population. world.

The Disfam Awards are a recognition to entities, organizations, administrations or people, who carry out their work for the benefit of people with learning difficulties that our organization has been awarding since 2008.

The president of FESAVELA and the Mayor of Ilopango have given the president of the OIDEA some details in gratitude for the organization's visit to El Salvador.