Illuminate the Congress of Argentina for World Dyslexia Day

During Thursday and Friday of this week, the National Congress will light up in turquoise in adherence and support for declaring October 8 as World Dyslexia Day, with the aim of promoting awareness about this disorder, which affects the 10% of the world's population.

This action is promoted by the Spanish Federation of Dyslexia (DISFAM), which under the slogan "United for Dyslexia" invites countries to illuminate emblematic buildings in turquoise and ask the United Nations Organization to set October 8 as World Dyslexia Day.

In Argentina, in addition to the Congress, the Bicentennial Monument (Tucumán), the monuments to San Martín and Plaza de las Banderas (Neuquén), and the legislatures of Chaco and Buenos Aires, among others, will be reflected in that color.

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects millions of people. Its early detection and action is essential to avoid school failure, since it can generate problems of understanding and assimilation of content in children who have it.