The Legislature of Córdoba (Argentina) lights up on International Dyslexia Day

October 8 is the international dyslexia day, a specific reading disorder that the World Health Organization defines as “a specific and significant difficulty in the development of reading skills that cannot be explained solely by mental age, visual accuracy problems, or inadequate schooling ”

To raise awareness of the difficulties faced by people with this disorder, The Legislature of Córdoba lights up tonight in blue-turquoise, internationally allusive color for this date.

Legislature lights up on International Dyslexia Day

According to Argentina (Association of Dyslexia and Family in Argentina), 1 in 10 boys and girls in the world are affected in their ability to read comprehension, recognition of written words, oral reading and carrying out written tasks.

Dyslexics characteristically report difficulties reciting the alphabet, naming letters, performing simple rhymes, and analyzing or classifying sounds. In addition, reading is characterized by omissions, substitutions, distortions, inversions or addictions, slowness, hesitations, visual tracking problems and comprehension deficits (PAHO, 1997). This disorder is much more than having difficulties in reading and writing, there are compression problems, short-term memory, access to the lexicon, confusion between right and left, difficulties in spatio-temporal notions.

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