Request model for non-significant adaptations

To request that students with any Specific Learning Difficulty (DEA) can receive the non-significant adaptations that correspond to them, you can fill out the following document and deliver two copies to seal it at the Teaching Center secretary. (One copy is kept by the center and the other by the family)

General accommodations for exams


* We must always remember that there will not be two identical cases and that therefore, the adaptation of the exam must be reviewed, previously with the students, taking as a reference the Action Protocol in Dyslexia (PRODISLEX)

  • Before you start, create a climate of trust
  • That if two exams are not given on the same date
  • Being able to provide dates in advance
  • That the typography be clear and the line spacing a little larger
  • The teacher can read the questions aloud
  • Provide more time to carry it out or, make it shorter or be able to answer some of the questions orally
  • Being able to use the computer, if typing is mastered
  • Allow the use of the spell checker
  • be able to use the calculator
  • Questions should be as precise as possible.
  • Make sure that unanswered questions are not due to an attentional difficulty
  • Submit the exam already written (avoid dictating the questions)
  • Being able to use various question and answer formats
  • (test type; true/false, …)
  • Provide an explanation if there was a misunderstanding when reading the question
  • To be able to use another sheet, to be able to…
  • Let use eraser or tipex
  • In the questions, highlight in bold, the keyword
  • Do not ask two questions in one
  • Leave a blank space under each question to be able to answer, without having to turn the page all the time.
  • Being able to choose the paper to use
  • Allow the use of capital or ligature letters
  • Being able to complement the answer with a drawing or diagram
  • Take into account the alternative material (notebook, project, works, oral presentations)