Rosa Estaràs and FEDIS present a motion for a resolution on dyslexia in the European Parliament

On the occasion of the World Dyslexia Day that is celebrated tomorrow, October 10, the popular MEP, Rosa Estaràs, has presented a motion for a resolution on the situation of people with specific learning disorders in the register of the European Parliament.

The resolution proposal, carried out jointly with the Spanish Federation of Dyslexia (FEDIS), represents an advance in the rights of people with dyslexia since it involves educational agents, and urges to make the necessary accessibility adaptations in the methodologies and forms evaluation. It also proposes considering prevention policies against bullying and harassment that this group often suffers. For this reason, the creation of a European observatory and an identification card is requested to act before the administrations.

Specific learning disorders affect up to 15% of the population and account for 50% of school failure for non-social reasons. Therefore, Estaràs has pointed out that "it is essential to respond globally and effectively, especially in the educational system, and organize a comprehensive European strategy that guarantees equal opportunities".

Iñaki Muñoz, general secretary of FEDIS and president of Disfam, points out that "the public diagnosis and treatment of the problem must be guaranteed to eliminate the socio-economic gap and it must be recognized administratively as a disability to enjoy the necessary advantages."

This Proposal for a Resolution will be presented tomorrow by Rosa Estaràs and Iñaki Muñoz in a ceremony that will take place at the Varadero restaurant in Palma at 19.00:XNUMX p.m. to commemorate World Dyslexia Day.