FEDIS officially requests that misspellings not be counted

The Spanish Federation of Dyslexia asks Governments and Universities not to take into account spelling mistakes in students with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties in university entrance exams.

After the information that has been appearing throughout these days in different media, the Fedis has requested two legal technical reports, to endorse this proposal that all students with dyslexia and other DEA, are in equal conditions and opportunities than the rest of the classmates. These reports refer to the importance of not taking spelling errors into account for this type of student, since the rest of the examinees would be at a disadvantage, and that would have a very negative influence on the cut-off mark to be able to access a career. university that would really motivate any student with learning difficulties.

The Secretary General of the FEDIS has addressed a letter to the Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities Pedro Duque, to the Ministers of Education and Universities, as well as to the Rectors of the Spanish Universities, to send them these reports and the concern of that this situation of helplessness will not be repeated.

It is worth highlighting the support received by the Confederation of Psychopedagogy and Guidance Organizations of Spain, which published a statement in support of our group and defending the adaptations that have been requested from the different Spanish Universities.

It must be taken into account that since 2010, the University of the Baleric Islands (UIB) has been making the corresponding adaptations so that the rights of students with dyslexia and other DEA are guaranteed. Examples like this, show that it is possible to do it in all the Universities as many of them have already joined.

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You can consult the letter addressed to the Minister here: